Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know English at all, can I still join Konuşma Kulubü?

The proficiency groups of Konuşma Kulübü has been organized in a way that we have groups even for beginners. It’s alright, you can join Konuşma Kulübü without a doubt.

I have been to another English course in the past, but I don’t have enough practice about speaking English. Can I still join Konuşma Kulübü?

Of course, take our proficiency exam right away and let us decide where you are supposed to start from. Let’s decide the most suitable proficiency group for you.

Where will the lessons take place?

The lessons of Konuşma Kulübü take place in campuses in European and Asian Sides of İstanbul and for the students who cannot attend lessons physically, they take place anywhere when you have internet connection. With classroom and internet courses, you can attend Konuşma Kulübü lessons from anywhere around the World.

Do you give a certificate when the lessons end?

If our students attend the course with 70% attendance, they are qualified to receive a Konuşma Kulübü certificate.

How the lessons are taught?

Lessons are taught in 8-student classrooms while every student individually attending lessons with an expert teacher. In Konuşma Kulübü, teachers and students start speaking English all the time by the very first lesson.

What are the proficiency levels?

The proficiency levels of Konuşma Kulübü are: A1 – A2 B1 – B2 C1 – C2 Which are set by CEFR criteria. Language skills are divided into 3 main proficiency levels by CEFR criteria: A (elementary), B (intermediate) and C (advanced). Every main is divided in two as A1 – A2, B1 – B2, C1 – C2. A Level covers the individuals who can use the language for their basic needs and basic communication. Individuals in B level can start speaking fluently and don’t have hard time while using the language. Individuals in C level are the ones who can use the language closest to a native.

How can I learn my level of proficiency?

Our proficiency exam is based on CEFR criteria, click here to see.

What is first level of proficiency?

1st level is course programme that is prepared for A1 – A2 proficiency level defined by CEFR criteria. Click here for the detail about the course programme.

What is second level of proficiency?

2nd level is course programme that is prepared for B1 – B2 proficiency level defined by CEFR criteria. Click here for the detail about the course programme.

What is third level of proficiency?

3rd level is course programme that is prepared for C1 – C2 proficiency level defined by CEFR criteria. Click here for the detail about the course programme.

How can I register?

It is really easy to register to Konuşma Kulübü. After taking your proficiency exam, you can pay your fee online by the instructions given by our sales representatives.

What is CEFR criteria?

CEFR criteria is an international standardization which defines language skills. It is formed to evaluate and classify foreign language skills within common standards in the whole World. CEFR criteria is defined not as the knowledge of a language, but as what can be done by using a language and areas of a language such as grammar, speaking, understanding, writing and listening. According to these criteria, it is definitely indicated that what the individuals can do with the language in every proficiency level.

Every language institution has a curriculum, what is yours?

The curriculum of Konuşma Kulübü has been prepared with 100% compatibleness with CEFR criteria. According to these criteria, all the skills that are required are included in our curriculum. Besides, these skills are completely improved by speaking and learning new words. Speaking and discussing topics are combinations of intriguing, updated and fun discussions which you need in your daily, academic and professional lives.

How do you deal with the accent problem? Which accent speaking teachers do you provide?

One of the most important aims of Konuşma Kulübü is get you in a proficiency level that you can communicate in English with everyone around the World. Because of that, the courses are taught with the American Accent which has become universal.

Are teachers native speakers?

In the elementary proficiency level, the courses are taught our Turkish teachers. Turkish teachers have better emphatic connection with the elementary level students since they have learned English as a foreign language. Intermediate and advanced proficiency levels are taught by both Turkish and native teachers. All of our teachers have been graduated from English Language Teaching or related departments with educational formation who are experienced in their fields and who have strong communicational command of language. They are also dynamic and they possess the current knowledge and trends.

Do you have any courses focusing on international English exams?

The curriculum of Konuşma Kulübü has a parallel connection to international exams since it is prepared by the CEFR criteria. Students who complete our advanced proficiency level course can get ready for exams such as TOEFL and IELTS. In these exams, our students have got high success rate especially in speaking and writing parts.

In which minimum proficiency level should I be to use English in my life?

According to CEFR criteria, the proficiency level of nearly relaxed and fluent speaking is B level for everyone. Anyone who wants to speak English without having a hard time and use English everywhere in their life needs to take our B proficiency level courses.

Why does one course consist of a combination of two levels of proficiency?

The six-proficiency level set by CEFR criteria are divided into 3 main proficiency level and every two sub – levels in the proficiency levels are connected to each other according the improvement of skills. For example, the skills of students who finished B1 and B2 sub – levels are very close to each other and by the end of B2 students get ready to use those skills.

How do you evaluate the efficiency of your students?

During the course there are for exams that take place in various time. In these exams, your vocabulary knowledge and speaking skill are evaluated. Besides, all students take a proficiency exam before the course starts and are led to most suitable level of classroom.

Can I repeat the same level of proficiency if I am not satisfied?

The courses of Konuşma Kulübü are lessons that provide improvement and progressing in the speaking skills in the event of high level of attendance. Hence, if you would like to repeat a proficiency level you’ve attended, you can re-register to the same proficiency level classroom if you request.

Is the grammar taught during the lessons?

The courses of Konuşma Kulübü teach grammar especially during elementary level by making students speak English and have face-to-face communication. While students are acquiring a new grammatical structure, they do this by observing and getting feedback just like they did as learn their mother tongue. These exercises are merely communicative and focus on troubleshooting.