Student Reviews

Gülnur Tunçelli

It is a unique experience to have discovered that one-on-one language learning is so efficient for me. I felt less anxious while speaking in English and I felt incredibly relieved. Moreover, I have the courage to be a volunteer for speaking activities; this was one of the big steps I could ever take. I would like to thank the “Konuşma Kulübü” for this.

Yunus Emre Nebioğlu (Online Training)

I’m very pleased with Konuşma Kulübü, it also worked well for me to have online classes because I don’t have spare time to spend in traffic and crowded places. It motivates me to attend regularly.

Dilara Kızılçelik

I think that the course I have attended has helped me a lot. I have overcome my fear and I feel relieved because I can speak in English more easily. Best wishes to my teacher.

Hakan Şentürk

I have completed my first course with my teacher. At the end of the course, I got more courage. I used to get stuck in an instant conversation because I couldn’t remember a word I knew. That’s why I couldn’t keep up the conversation. I can say that these moments happen less often at the moment. The slides we follow present grammar summaries which are easier for me to understand. There has never been a lesson we have finished without understanding the daily topic. I’d like to thank my teacher for patiently answering all my questions and explaining every topic, word and terms that I wasn’t familiar with.

Esra Ataç

My teacher and I had long conversations during our classes at your “Kulüp” previous year. In an interview I did last week I saw that I have really learned a lot and especially gained a great deal of self-confidence. And then I saw my friend who was taking speaking classes somewhere else and I felt very lucky. Because my teacher was talking to me about daily life not only during class time but also before or after. Thank you again. Wish to meet again …

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